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Computer repair North York

Computer Repair North York Servicing in Toronto and the GTA
• We do repair all Desktop PCs & Laptops Motherboard, Screen, etc.
• Specializing in on-site computer repairs
• Flat-rate diagnostics
• Computer Repair and Data Backup Services

Residential and Commercial Computer Repair Services available in Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Thornhill, Scarborough, Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Concord, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.

Toronto PC Repair Experts:
Our Computer Technicians are highly qualified with years of experience in fixing computers and network related issues. Our experts can service all makes and models of computers such as:
Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, IBM, MSI, Lenovo, Sony, eMachines, etc.
We will able remove all kinds of viruses, spyware at the shortest time. And fix the windows errors, remove private internet browsing history, upgrade PCs, Laptops, install and troubleshoot networks - wired or wireless, and give you tips and advices. Repair Computer Toronto technicians also provide services such as hardware or software upgrades, installation of accessories such as printers, scanner, fax, etc. We basically troubleshoot any home or business IT needs. If you have a question to ask, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
Effective and affordable computer services for most service calls in Toronto we offer same day repair. If the PC is not fixed on-site, we able give you a free computer loan during the period of your repair (subject to availability).
Computer Rpair North York's the best computer service and value, we offer highly competitive rates and quality repairs. We do support after service.
Furthermore, all of our hardware prices are guaranteed (we match or beat prices offered by major discount electronic stores such as Best Buy and Canada Computers in the Toronto area).
Another reason why our service it is right for you, because you can give us your budget, and we’ll let you know what can be done with that. Furthermore, Toronto computer Repairs, offers you free information on computer maintenance and internet safety.
Trusted North York Computer Repair Service above all the quality repairs and installation services that our technicians have completed in North York and Toronto.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and satisfaction.For that reason Computer repair service in Toronto that you can trust. Contact us Computer repair services North York's mission is to provide you or your business with quality and cost effective IT solutions based on your needs and budget.
We pride ourselves in providing residential and commercial customers in Toronto with the best possible computer repair and technology consulting for the best price.
Most of our valued customers were gained through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. We can assure you that once we service your computer needs, you will gladly refer our services to your family, friends and relatives.

Eco-friendly & Green Computing

We are committed toward environmental protection. We go beyond simply recycling damaged hardware by making all the efforts to repair your computer without the need for new parts. We will also explain why these problems have occurred to prevent future issues with your PC. We are always happy to help. Just contact us.
If you are experiencing any of the problems listed below, we can help:
• Can't get on the internet? or Want to reinstall Windows?
• Want to backup or restore your pictures, music, movies or documents?
• Want to UNDELETE or UN-ERASE any pictures, music, movies or documents that you accidentally or intentionally deleted? (most files can be successfully recovered, but some can't)
• Want to setup a network in your home or office wirelessly so you can share files and printers with all the computers in your home or office?
• Want to optimize your computer's performance so it runs smoothly?
• Want your system checked and maintained?
• Want to remove Viruses, Ad-ware and Spyware?
• Want to install or un-install any new computer hardware, equipment, accessories that you just purchased?
• Want to upgrade your computer with more memory, bigger or faster hard drive, a CD/DVD burner, gaming video card, TV Tuner card, etc...?
• Having troubles with your computer, modem, wireless router? Can't get on the internet?
• Your computer does not load into Windows at all?
• Giving error messages?
• Is it too slow?
• Too many unwanted programs and popup windows?
If you need more information about our services or to request a Computer Repair Technician, contact us.
All your needs served by North York Computer Repair service in Toronto.
We’ve been in the computer repair business since 1996 and we know what it takes to make your PC run faster, work longer and stay reliable.
We make the entire computer repair process as painless as possible.
Whether you're a home user or a corporate client, you will get the same service:
Local trusted technicians skilled for on-site computer repairs. Not only are we one of the most skilled and reliable computer repair services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we have the testimonials from hundreds of satisfied customers - and you'll become one of them. We've helped your friends and neighbors to their PC's - now let start from you.
We are very quick to provide, and complete any work necessary, at a fair price. If you need something fixed and we always come through for all customers.
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